TRUNK SHOW in TOKYO '24 7/3-7/10 シャツと香りとカシミヤと!TRUNK SHOW in TOKYO '24 7/3-7/10

THIS IS BESPOKE! appointment


For now, let's talk and be bespoken about what we can create!


Shirts, silk, and cashmere. Fragrance or trunk? We also offer design, branding, and life consultation!


This is an appointment ticket that allows you to easily try on the product! (This is for the tea/coffee ;)

メニューは4つ We've got 4 menu;

  1. SHIBUYA LAB. 渋谷ラボ:Every Tuesday - Sunday 火曜~日曜
  2. TOKTO VISIT 都内訪問 Every Tuesday - Sunday 火曜~日曜
  3. JAPAN TRAVEL 国内出張  Every Tuesday - Sunday 火曜~日曜
  4. PARIS Jan'24 パリ2024年1月  19th-23rd Jan

ご希望日時をメールしてくださーい!ご予約確定時にアクセスマップを返信差し上げます♪ We would appreciate your email with desired date and time! We will send you the access map when your reservation is confirmed.


*You can bespoke order at the appointment. Your inquiries and preference in advance is more than appreciated!