TRUNK SHOW in TOKYO '24 7/3-7/10 シャツと香りとカシミヤと!TRUNK SHOW in TOKYO '24 7/3-7/10

BESPOKE! おじゃまします【TOKYO VISIT 東京訪問】


【Appointment TOKYO VISIT】東京での訪問アポイントはこちらから!
期間:予約日時に伺います DATE: Visit on reserved dates and times
会場:都内のご指定場所 Venue: Specified location in Tokyo


Menu: [cashmere try on] [Custom-order Choya shirts] [Tailoring jackets/pants/coats] [Bespoke fragrance]

  • ご希望日時をお知らせくださーい We would appreciate your preferred date and time.
  • トランクを広げられる場所が理想です〜 A place where you can spread out our suitcase is ideal.
  • 交通費は予約費に含まれていますが、面談時間や滞在時間を延長する場合は当日ご相談を!Transportation costs are included in the reservation fee, but if you would like to extend your interview time or stay, please let us know on the appointment!
  • 訪問先へのご案内はメールでご指示くださいませ Please email us for directions to the destination.
  • お問い合わせは下記まで For further inquiries;