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The fragrance that portray your future


Yindigo is the descendant of a ninja family whose alchemy has been inherited for over five centuries (believe it or not).  Jonin, Ninja clan masters had to be expert for art of incense and botany, because when impersonating a castle lord or playing a double, they wear scents that represent their personality. In their era, where there were no photographs, scent, not appearance, was an important factor in conveying your profile.


So,How much the ninjutsu is reflected in the fragrance would be recognised by your sniffing the tailored scent. Yindigo's creative force in design, branding, profiling, and counseling are all crystallized for your own bespoke fragrance!


In addition, it is vegan fragrance, alcohol-free, and Eau de Parfum with a perfume ratio of around 15 to 20%.

メニューは4つ We've got 4 menu;

  1. BASIC ベーシック:120,000円 / 1,000EUR
  2. ADVANCED アドヴァンス:240,000円 / 2,000EUR
  3. MASTERS マスターズ  360,000円 / 3,000EUR
  4. BRANDED ブランデッド  480,000円 / 4,000EUR